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The Leading Foundation and Sinkhole Repair Expert!

The Sinkhole Guy® is an experienced, certified, & licensed sinkhole repair company. For over 20 years we have prided ourselves on providing thorough and complete sinkhole remediation solutions. Simply put, we get to the root problem and help address foundation damage to eliminate further issues. When your home or property is affected by a sinkhole, finding a trusted, experienced sinkhole repair and foundation repair specialist is vital to containing and controlling the problem.

The Sinkhole Guy® is the leading sinkhole repair and remediation specialist. We have been featured on CNN, The New York Times, NBC News, 20/20, and more. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured technicians, engineers, inspectors, and contractors are skilled in sinkhole remediation.

Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is the most important part of your home. Everything else in your home is resting on the foundation. If the foundation is not secure, how safe is the rest of your home?

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Sinkhole Repair

Sinkhole repair typically involves filling a void in the sub-terranean strata with various types of product that are expected to provide load-bearing support.

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Process Overview

Many houses have been provided solutions for repairing their home. Sometimes the solution requires solidifying the foundation, other times it requires filling a void, sometimes it's both. What does this all mean for you?

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Licensed Professional Engineers are an integral part of the overall process. A licensed engineer will be able to determine the proper plan for solidifying the foundation of your structure.

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Attorneys / Adjusters

Many times the insurance comapny provides a homeowner the claim settlement paperwork that simply doesn't seem to cover the experienced losses. At times like these, people prefer to have their own lawyer or adjuster, but what's the difference?

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Our Focus

Informing and Advising Clients

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The Sinkhole Guy® has over 20 years of direct foundation and sinkhole industry experience.

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The Sinkhole Guy® has solved thousands and thousands of foundations and sinkhole issues.

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The Sinkhole Guy® has completed single and multi-tenant residential, commercial, and industrial foundation issues.

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The Sinkhole Guy® has the right solution for your foundation or sinkhole problem.

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Don’t Let Sinkhole and Foundation Damage Destroy Your Most Valuable Asset!

Cracks, holes, and a shifting foundation will only get worse with time. For more than two decades, The Sinkhole Guy® has been stabilizing and restoring homes throughout Florida. If you have question or concerns, we have the answers you deserve.

Sinkhole Repair and Foundation Repair Methods

We recommend different sinkhole remediation and foundation repair options, including chemical grouting, compaction grouting, and underpinning. We assist with determining which method, or combinations of methods, is the best possible solution for lifetime repair of home sinkhole damage. As a licensed and certified sinkhole remediation and foundation repair company, you can be confident that we recognize quality results and the importance of using only the best materials for the job, with outstanding service.

Sinkhole Damaged Foundation Repair

In addition to stabilizing sinkholes, we recommend Florida sinkhole remediation service solutions and foundation repair services to ensure that your home is on steady footing. Foundation damage can be an early warning sign of sinkhole issues, so working with a sinkhole specialist to inspect and repair your foundation can ultimately save you from future costly repairs, possibly including the complete loss of your home. Our certified foundation inspectors will analyze the root cause of your foundation problems, and provide you with a complete plan for remediation to help protect your home long-term.

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